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Manicure and pedicure premium quality made in Germany with the best Solingen Steel

Floor Nippes Displays B15K
Desk Nippes Displays Z13R
Desk Nippes Displays D14
Floor Nippes Displays B13K
Desk Nippes Displays Z13
Desk Nippes Displays D14R
Nail Clippers Display deposit colours 559 (12 hand, 12 foot)
Nippes chrome nail clippers Display with deposit 558 (12 hand, 12 foot)
Colour Nippes glass files Display 760
Expositor Nippes raspa durezas cerámico colores 711
Nail clippers baby Nippes Displays 122
Nippes mixed files, nail clippers and tweezers Displays 55
Nail clippers stainless design Nippes Displays 123
Nippes exclusive Swarovski glass nail files Displays